#42 – Don Steinmetz

Don served as a police officer for the City of Phoenix, he talks about this in his comedy. In this interview we talk about Tinder, racial tension, the Marx Brothers, Pryor, using humor as a cop, vice squad, hookers, undercover work, popsicles, open mics, Police Academy, screen writing, The Border, drug trafficking, terrorists and crazy “real life” cop pursuits. Some compelling stuff, take a listen.


#39 – Kendra Cunningham

Kendra interviewed me for a while. We discussed My Mum and her being 95. Then we turned the conversation back to Kendra and touched on Sedona, Blogging, LCS, Boston Comedy Festival, Nantucket Comedy Festival, road struggles, comedy chauvinism, Seeso, lonely girl 48 plus more and Jim McCue, Don Steinmetz, Nick Di Palo and Vicky Kuperman also get a mention.


#38 – Joleen Lunzer-Hernandez

Joleen and I laughed away through this interview. We discuss her social anxiety of course and how her father taught to box as a kid so she could beat up bully boys. She’s a bad ass. We discuss stage control, getting aggressive on hecklers, being married to a fellow comedian. She compares the Minneapolis, Phoenix, and LA Comedy Scenes. And we discuss all the exciting projects she has going on in LA apart from her Stand Up and the collaborative group she has formed where they all help each get ready for their big break.


#37 – Xchel Hernandez

This is a great interview with Xchel Hernandez a Stand-Up Comedian and Improv Artist. We talk about how each form of comedy can help the other. We also discuss Second City, commitment to character, keeping your comic mind on, accepting and overcoming failure and improving in small and sometimes large degrees.

Skip Clark

#36 – Skip Clark

On this episode of the podcast I talk with Skip about his journey from a kid in the Bronx to now living in Oxnard, Ca and everything in between. We discuss his NCAA career, playing against Michael Jordan, his brief stay in the NBA, how a psyche ward led to his comedy career, his nine children and much, much more. Take a listen and have a laugh…