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#49 – John Novosad

John and I discuss his 35 year career and the struggles and triumphs it has brought, his attempt to shed his Hippieman image, his “Plan for America”, the competitive world of comedy, selling merchandise, Dave Attell, bad open mics, Craig Ferguson appearances and how that came about and Blues and Brews Festivals.
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#48 – Jonathan Gregory

Jonathan and I discuss his development and continued use of his creepy comedy style and how he admired Andy Kaufmann, Jack Ass and dark humor growing up and how that is incorporated into his comedy stylings now. We also discuss his penchant and love of getting kicked out of open mics and he tells hilarious stories of pranking people as a teenager and how that continues in his life now.
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#47 – Dan French

Dan gives great insight into the world of the Comedy Writer. He should know, he has written for The Best Damn Sports Show Period, Late Night with James Corden, Dennis Miller and working comedians such as Wanda Sykes and Jimmy Schubert amongst others. We discuss his process, his tremendous amount of weight loss and he has taken that onto the stage as well as other things.
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#42 – Don Steinmetz

Don served as a police officer for the City of Phoenix, he talks about this in his comedy. In this interview we talk about Tinder, racial tension, the Marx Brothers, Pryor, using humor as a cop, vice squad, hookers, undercover work, popsicles, open mics, Police Academy, screen writing, The Border, drug trafficking, terrorists and crazy “real life” cop pursuits. Some compelling stuff, take a listen.
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