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#43 – Andy Huggins

Andy and I discuss his amazing comedy journey, early days of The Comedy Store, Megabus, Spirit Airlines, Houston Comedy, Bill Hicks, AA, getting sober and how that effected his comedy, The Outlaws of Comedy, Ron Shock, Facebook, politics and comic relief.

#42 – Don Steinmetz

Don served as a police officer for the City of Phoenix, he talks about this in his comedy. In this interview we talk about Tinder, racial tension, the Marx Brothers, Pryor, using humor as a cop, vice squad, hookers, undercover work, popsicles, open mics, Police Academy, screen writing, The Border, drug trafficking, terrorists and crazy “real life” cop pursuits. Some compelling stuff, take a listen.

#41 – Dave Thurston

Dave and I discuss The Outliars, Saturday Night Live, long form improv, Fanny Packs, quitting his job for comedy, Second City, Improv Olympics, the business side of comedy, right joke wrong punchline, Facebook and other things with honorable mentions to the Tempe Improv, Josh Graves, Kenny Smith, John Oliver and Conan.

#40 – Mike James

Mike and I discuss the fact that he is a Right Wing Christian Comedian, an anomaly in the world of comedy. We discuss Fallon, Kimmel, Conan. Sleeping in your car on the road, creating on stage, Randy Hausner, Christian comedy, Cruises, Magicians and for Mike how It’s all about the audience.