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#51 – Bob Conrad

Join Bob and I on his journey through the music industry. We discuss his start as a Radio DJ on the east coast, through his time at Columbia Records and all the great bands and artists he worked with there including Tony Bennett, Kenny Loggins, The Stones, Billy Joel and others and then his time with the Fey Concert Company where he always had to think on his feet and got to promote Lollapalooza, OzzFest, The Eagles Hell Freezes Over Tour up to today where he is heavily involved in the Tribute Band industry, represented Tribute Bands of Bands that he originally promoted. Plus there is so much more….

#50 – Jack Galvin

Jack and I discuss his Father’s suicide and how it lead to the start of his comedy career, we take a look at the behind the scenes of the Big Pine Comedy Festival, we discuss pride comedy, comedy drag shows, Marsha Warfield and some of the crazy video submissions they have received, they got laughs but for all the wrong reasons.

#48 – Jonathan Gregory

Jonathan and I discuss his development and continued use of his creepy comedy style and how he admired Andy Kaufmann, Jack Ass and dark humor growing up and how that is incorporated into his comedy stylings now. We also discuss his penchant and love of getting kicked out of open mics and he tells hilarious stories of pranking people as a teenager and how that continues in his life now.